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Click on the club name below for more information (including contact details, and website links) about that club. Don't forget that as a member of any of these groups, you can claim discounts with a number of RISC OS companies.

For a list of future meetings (although not all meetings are listed) please click here.

UK Regional Usergroups

*Acorn Club North East (ACNE)
*Blackpool Computer Club
*Bottisham Acorn User Group (BAUG)
*Bristol Area Risc User Group (BARUG)
*Derbyshire Area Risc Club (DARC)
*Essex Acorn User Group (EAUG)
*Hemel Hempstead RISC OS User Group
*ICENI - Incorporating Suffolk Acorn Risc Club (SARC)
*Lincolnshire Acorn User Group
*Liverpool Acorn User Group (LAUG)
*London RISC OS User Group (ROUGOL)
*M25 East RISC OS User Group (M25EROUG)
*Loughborough Student Acorn Users
*Milton Keynes Acorn User Group (MKAUG)
*Norfolk RISC OS Users Group (RUNG)
*North Kent Amateur Computer Club
*North West RISC OS User Group (RONWUG)
*Nottingham Microcomputer Club
*Southampton Acorn Users Group
*Surrey & Sussex Acorn Users Group (SASAUG)
*Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC)
*Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club (WHCC)
*Wessex ARM User Group (WAUG)

Non-UK Regional User Groups


*Acorn User Group Sydney
*Canberra BBC User Group
*Victoria BBC Users group


*Acorn User Group Austria




*French Acorn User Group (FRAUG)


*Arche Acorn User Club
*German Archimedes Group (GAG)
*Erlanger Acorn User Group


*Big Ben Club


*RISC OS User Group of Ireland


*Acorn Users Aukland
*Acorn Users Waikato
*Wairarapa Acorn User Group
*Wellington Acorn Computer Club

Worldwide Non-Regional User Groups

*The ARM Club
*Acorn Enthusiasts Group (Internet user group)
*ARMada (France)
*Electron User Group

Specialist User Groups

*Christian Acorn User Group
*Fortran Friends
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