Since the early days of the BBC Model B, the concept of the computer club has been with us in the Acorn scene.

Technology may have moved on since then, but there are still a good number of Acorn (or indeed RISC OS!) user and enthusiast groups around the world (45 as at 8/12/00)

What Is a User Group?

A User Group is a community of Computer Enthusiasts who band together to learn, to share experiences and to spread the 'Acorn Word'


Provide Education on Computers and Software

    *Using your computer more effectively
    *Keeping pace with industry trends
    *Learn about new hardware and software
    *Hold classes for members and community


Share social activities with fellow computer enthusiasts

    *General and SIG meetings

Community Service

Support Charities and educational groups

    *Support schools
    *Support charities
    *Recycle used computers
    *Work with senior centres


Learn from your friends experience and share yours!

    *General meetings
    *Special Interest Group meetings
    *Bulletin Board Systems
    *Web pages

Why Join a Computer Group?

Computer or user groups bring together people with a huge range of abilities and experiences, from the complete beginner who might only use !Draw and !Paint, to the hardened techie who's probably a Foundation Member and has every RISC OS system in existence!

User groups allow people to talk - which is probably the most important and productive thing user groups offer. I know from my experiences with DARC (Derbyshire Acorn Risc Club) that just getting together and discussing experiences and problems with other RISC OS users can provide you with a wealth of information and advice.

Being a member of a usergroup, you will also benefit from the advantages your usergroup has by being a member of the Association of Acorn Usergroups. These include a central discount scheme, access to all the other usergroups, RISCOS Ltd, and many RISC OS developers and suppliers.

What Types of Usergroup Are There?

Locally-based group
Regular meetings
Meet other users in your area
Internet only
Most have regular newsletters
For people who don't have a local group or are too busy to attend meetings
Have a vast knowledge-base in a particular area of RISC OS computing

Most user groups have a monthly newsletters informing members of the latest developments in the RISC OS world and most also organise guest speakers to come and talk about a particular subject or software package, and then perhaps offer it to members at a reduced price. All the usergroups also offer their members discounts on various RISC OS products through the AAUG central discount scheme - many have also negotiated further special deals with local suppliers.

There are also a number of groups who are postal or internet-only, such as the ARM Club and Acorn Enthusiasts Group if you can't spare the time to attend meetings.

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